Frankie Crocker set us a superb example as a positive media personality.
He shall be sorely missed and we extend our sincere condolences to his immediate and extended family, friends and colleagues.
Each of us must do our best to carry on his legacy in whatever way we can.


His work brought people together and produced positive achievements, smiles and lasting friendships.
(That is in stark contrast to some contemporaries who market negativism, glowering and strife.)

Frankie Crocker found peace with Almighty God and shared it with others.
In remembrance and with gratitude we share the following communication with you.
The Editor

Who Will Cast the FIRST Stone?

John 8:7, 2 - 12


We recently received a very interesting item from Dr Frankie Crocker. He has granted our request for permission both post it on our Web site and to forward it.


From: ICA Sports

Subject: Re: Please join us???

Date: 10/01/98 10:12 AM


Thanks for your vital message. I am forwarding it to several of my friends. May I have your permission to post it on the Web site (Intercity Sports Review Online Edition) that I maintain for the Interclub Coaches Association?

Our URL is  or you may use your favorite search engine to find "Intercity Sports Review" or the "Interclub Coaches Association."

Thanks and best regards.

Keep the faith and spread it.


Stan Daniels, editor

Intercity Sports Review

To: ICA Sports

From: "Dr. Frankie Crocker" <>

Subject: Re: Please join us???

Date: 10/01/98 03:31 PM

Gods' Blessings:

Please post and forward it to as many as possible? Thank you......fc

To: ICA Sports

From: "Dr. Frankie Crocker" <>

Subject: Please join us???

Date: 10/01/98 01:45 AM

To All Gods' Children:

This is an invitation to GOD LOVING PEOPLE of ALL FAITHS. Please join me, WLIB, NY, friends and business associates, in declaring this upcoming Thanksgiving Day as a "National Day Of Prayer" for our troubled nation.

Our nations' as well as our own futures are at risk! The recent much too much, publicized indiscretion of President Clinton and Ms. Monica Lewinsky has caused serious dialogue in every sector of American life. However, WE, must share responsi bility for what has and is happening to our great country. This scandal is just a reflection of our society. Mr. Clinton isn't the first President who has sinned while in office, he just got caught. So don't point your finger to judge or pick up that rock to throw at him just yet. For none, no not one of us is without sin!!!

The Presidents' grand jury testimony was released to the media and the salacious and pornographic Starr report was also made public on a Jewish holiday. Enemies of the President had little, if any, regard for America's children who were home from school watching TV and on the internet. Our children certainly got a s our lesson that day. It was a media feeding frenzy, relentless in their coverage, both national and local. Even while opinion polls revealed that we, the American people, were disgusted with the actions of Mr. Clinton and Ms. Lewinsky, they also said we still wanted Mr. Clinton to cont inue the work he was elected to do! Congress and the news media turned a deaf ear to "we the people" who said we have heard enough. Still, repeated news reports and leaks by the media and partisanpoliticians are fast at work to condemn and stir up public sentiment for impeachment hearings. Are Linda Tripp's telephone tapes between her and Ms. Lew, you know who, next? Well if they are sleazy, you can surely bet on it! As a result our nation and the Presidency has been reduced to a cheap "Tabloid". The President admitted his sin and has repented. He is a good President, an intelligent man who has a demon. It can be removed!

Who among us hasn't been there in one way or another? Mrs. Clinton is standing by her husband. She isn't the only woman in this nation living with a husbands' self control habit. But fortunately other women don't have to endure and repair their marriages publicly. Imagine how first daughter Chelsea is enduring.

Do these politicians think that "we the people" are blind and can't see that this attempt to discredit Mr.& Mrs. Clinton started with Whitewater so many $$$$$$ (40 million) ago and ended as a sex scandal? Moreover, why, and who really financed Paula Jones vs. Bill Clinton with her years of legal bills? And some members of the Democratic party are trying to distance themselves from Mr. Clinton so as not to place their up coming November re-elections in jeopardy. Well, so much for loyalty, friendship and forgiveness. (Please pray with us?)

There are however, more concerns than this latest scandal to come out of our nations' Capitol. There are other problems our nation must address.

The education of America's youth should be first, academic as well as spiritual. We are fast becoming a society of "no rules" and "no privacy."

Morality has taken a back seat to immediate self gratification. In recent years both men and women of 'questionable repute' have been elevated to celebrity status in the media. Some have become rich with book deals, talk shows and personal appearances. Two of the most classless shows, one on TV the other on radio, enjoy high ratings. It seems we would rather watch people fight and hear a "shock jock" deride entire ethnic groups or troubled celebrities in order to get a laugh. Again, money over morality instead of love and kindness for one another. (Please pray with us?)

Are any of us concerned that since Roe vs. Wade, there have been more that 40 million abortions in this country? The divorce rate is higher than ever.

Too many un-wed mothers and men fathering children out of wedlock and are not being fathers to those children. The "traditional family" is at risk as well. There are impending initiatives for same sex marriages in our country. We have become a very permissive society. Too much of the music and videos that our youth listen to and watch is filth. Sometimes a day doesn't pass that we are not informed of an innocent child being killed, caught in the crossfire of a "drive by" or by another child directly.

Too many television shows and movies glorify immorality in one way or another. Sex and nudity is prevalent in just about every pop publication in context or advertising. We are getting just what we deserve And these are just the tips of much larger icebergs. Is America on a collision course with disaster? God forbid. Can you spell Titanic? They said it couldn't sink too. However, through prayer there is promise.

For it is written: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;

then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

--- 2 Chronicles 7:14

On our money it says: "In God We Trust"

In our courts we are asked to tell the truth, the whole truth "So Help You God"

Our pledge to the Flag includes "One Nation, Under God"

Are we a Godly nation or are we hypocrites? Let us hate the sin but show love and forgiveness for the sinner.

History has taught us that many great civilizations have fallen as a result of immorality and decadence. Please join us in prayer, wherever you may be, on a "National Day of Prayer" this Thanksgiving Day, for The President

and his family, Congress and their families, Ms. Lewinsky, and foremost

each other and the future of our Nation.

It is also written: "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."

--- Galatians 6:9

Will keep you updated as events mandate.

Gods' Blessings & Love.........Frankie Crocker

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Reprinted with permission.

We are informed that the Frankie Crocker Web domain is no longer possessed by his family.


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